The SSP stimulates a consolidated exchange of information between experts in research, development and extension work.

This renders the SSP an ideal meeting-place for specialists in phytopathology, entomologyand weed science, helping them to establish contacts between the different disciplines of phytomedicine and to mutually profit from their colleagues experience.

Archive: past meetings


Frühjahrstagung 2017

Thema: Invasive gebietsfremde Schadorganismen
Ort: Bern
Datum: 15. März 2018



Journée de printemps 2018

Thème:Organismes nuisibles et invasifs d’origine exotique
Lieu: Berne
Date: 15 mars 2018


Herbsttagung 2018

Thema: noch offen
Ort: Omya AG, Oftringen (AG)
Datum: 13 September 2018



Journée d'automne 2018

Thème: à définir
Lieu: Omya AG, Oftringen (AG)
Date: 13 septembre 2018



IOBC-WPRS-Meeting, 02. - 06.10. 2017:
Working Group "Integrated Protection in Field Vegetables"
in BBZ Arenenberg (Salenstein - TG)

ENDURE brings together some of Europe's leading agricultural research, teaching and extension institutes with a special interest in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) within the general context of environmentally friendly and sustainable agriculture.

Meetings and Activities related to IOBC

(International Organisation for
Biological and Integretad Control)